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Ask the Pendulum!

A pendulum is a very simple method of divination that allows for the answer of yes or no questions. In its most simple form, a pendulum is a weighted object at the end of a length of string, chain, or something similar. In witchcraft spaces, a pendulum is usually a crystal at the end of a length of chain. This pendulum is then used on its own or with a special pendulum board!

The diviner will ask a yes or no question while holding the pendulum. The answer from the pendulum will depend on the way the pendulum moves. If you are using a pendulum board, this will clearly state your answer. If not, your pendulum will need to be programmed first. There is more information on pendulums and their use below.

If you do not have a pendulum of your own, simply use our online pendulum here!

Ask our Pendulum!

Our online pendulum is easy to use! Simply focus on your question, type it in the box, and click “Ask your Question.” Your answer will then be revealed to you! You can ask as many questions as you’d like, but be sure they are only yes/no questions. The pendulum will not answer more complicated questions.

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Use a Pendulum for Yourself!

If you have a physical pendulum, learn how to use it with the help of our articles below! We can walk you through how a pendulum works, programming your pendulum, and the use of a pendulum chart to get your answers. Keep reading below!

How to Program a Pendulum for Divination Work

A pendulum is an easy method of divination to learn and use once you get the hang of it. Unlike tarot, oracle, or tasseography, divination with a pendulum is much more simple. You will be interpreting the movement of the pendulum rather than signs and symbols.

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Making and Using a Pendulum Chart

A pendulum chart is a visual guide that allows a pendulum to answer specific questions you ask. These charts will include preset responses which allow the pendulum simply to point toward an answer.

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