Tarot Spreads for Past Lives

Past Life Tarot Spread: “Who Was I In My Past Life?”

Are you ready to uncover the mysteries of your past? Looking for answers that can inform your present and illuminate your future? Through tarot, accessing the collective wisdom within you is easier than you might think. As we consider our spiritual journeys here on earth, it can be incredibly helpful to look back through the corridors of time and explore the many lives we have lived before this one.

Exploring Your Past Lives Through Tarot

Whether you’re looking for deep insights into your past lives, a timeline of events from a particular lifetime, or are curious about relationships from past lives that have carried over into your current life, these tarot spreads will help you to dive deep into your journey of self-discovery and connect to your most authentic, spiritual self.

Timeless Wisdom Tarot Spread

This tarot spread utilizes six cards and will focus on exploring your past life’s significant events that still impact your current life. Placed in a simple rectangle, this spread clarifies the difficulties and strengths of your previous experiences. While it may seem scary at first, the Timeless Wisdom spread will help to uncover valuable lessons and knowledge gained from past lives that will help you to face obstacles along your current journey.

Timeless Wisdom tarot spread

Card 1: What challenges did I face in my past life?

Card 2: What accomplishments did I achieve in my former life?

Card 3: How can I better understand the purpose of the challenges and experiences I faced in my past life?

Card 4: What past life experience is most impacting my current life?

Card 5: What karmic lessons did I learn from my past life that I should be aware of today?

Card 6: What guidance or wisdom can my past life self offer me to help me navigate my current life journey?

The Soul’s Tapestry Tarot Spread

The Soul’s Tapestry Spread will help you to connect with the core essence and personality of your former lives. It will help you frame the fundamental beliefs, values, and personality traits woven by the strands of your past lives. The tapestry is represented by four cards placed in a square. Card one is placed at the top left, with the rest of the cards following in a clockwise motion around the square.

Soul's Tapestry tarot

Card 1: What positive qualities or strengths did I possess in my past lives that I can draw upon now?

Card 2: In what ways can I heal or release any traumas or blockages from my past lives?

Card 3: How do my past life experiences influence my current life choices and interests?

Card 4: What struggles will follow me from my past lives into this one?

Past Life Timeline Tarot Spread

This tarot spread outlines significant themes and events from a particular lifetime in chronological order from birth to death, exploring significant events that may have shaped your life along the way. The cards are laid out in a line from left to right, signifying an approximately chronological “timeline” of events.

Past Life Timeline tarot

Card 1: Represents birth and early childhood

Card 2: What life-altering event occurred within this lifetime?

Card 3: What role or career did I fulfill in my former life?

Card 4: How did I die?

Karmic Connections Tarot Spread

By asking these open-ended, thought-provoking questions, you can gain a deeper understanding of how your past life relationships impact your current life. You can then use this insight to foster healthier, more fulfilling connections. The Karmic Connections spread is laid in a cross shape with cards one through three forming a horizontal line, card four placed at the top (above card two), and card five at the bottom (just below card two).

Karmic Connections tarot

Card 1: What significant person from my past life is present in my current life?

Card 2: What was my connection to this person in my past life?

Card 3: What is the impact of my past life relationships on my current emotional state?

Card 4: What is the best way to move past negative energy from my past relationships?

Card 5: How can I use the wisdom gained from past life relationships to strengthen my current bonds?

By exploring our past lives through tarot, we can gain better insight into the themes, events, and lessons that we may have experienced in our former lifetimes and the impact they may have on our lives today. What secrets will you unlock on this journey? Let your questions guide you as you embark on your personal adventure into the unknown waters of time. Let the answers you reveal deepen your connection with your spirit and discover your true self as the layers of mystery are peeled away.

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