Make Decisions with Tarot: 6-Card Tarot Spread

Tarot is a wonderful tool that can be used for countless situations, questions, and decisions. The symbology of the cards lends well to all manner of opinion or belief regarding divination. Whether you believe tarot is a divine tool or a psychological one, today you can give your deck a shuffle and pull some cards to help you make a difficult decision.

Making Choices with Tarot

In life we are often confronted with situations where a decision needs to be made. These may be as simple as deciding what to cook for dinner or as complex as deciding where to move or which job to accept. Making these decisions can be hard for us, especially when we are unsure of the outcome and how it will affect our future.

Divination with tarot cards can help give you insight into the decisions and options you face. While this spread is designed for tarot cards, feel free to substitute it with your divination method of choice. It is also important to keep in mind that no major life decisions should be made based solely on the guidance of your divinatory tools. Use this reading as guidance but never forget to use the mundane resources at your disposal as well.

Tarot or Oracle? Choose the right one for you!
Tarot or Oracle?

Getting Ready

Before beginning your reading, it may do you good to ground and center yourself. This is especially true if there is a lot of emotion behind the decision you need to make. You may even like to do a meditation that focuses on the theme of your decision. We have many guided meditations here on Spells8 that you may find helpful.

It is also a good idea to have a notepad and pen handy. Record your question or situation and the answers you receive from your cards as they come to you. Try not to let your emotions or preconceived ideas color your vision. Let the answers come to use as they do and receive them without judgment. Flow with the reading and let your mind be open to the answers.

Self-Care Journaling Prompts
Self-Care Journaling Prompts

The Spread

This particular spread uses six cards to draw on the wisdom of the Universe (or your deities, Higher Self, or subconscious). It is designed to give insight into a decision with two options. However, it can easily be adapted to suit as many options as you have available to you. Before beginning this reading, have your option one and option two already assigned. If you have more than two choices and want to adapt this spread to include them, simply include two extra cards for every choice you have. One card represents what you need to know. The other card represents the possible outcome if you choose that option.

Make a decision tarot spread layout.
Shuffle the deck and layout your cards.

Card one: How do I really feel about this situation?

We often find ourselves facing our inner critic, cynic, or oblivious nature when making tough decisions. This card represents exactly how you feel about the decision you need to make. This may or may not match how you think you feel. That is okay. Approach this card with an open heart and an open mind.

Card two: What do I need to keep in mind before making my decision?

There are many variables that can affect our outcome. It is important to keep the theme of this card in mind when you make your decision. For example, if card two is the Three of Swords, you may end up with a broken heart no matter which option you choose. That is not necessarily a bad thing but it does let you know that the path you take may lead to the same destination.

Cards three and five: What do I need to know about option one/option two?

A straightforward card, this card represents something you may not know about your options. This could be an influence of a deity, something you missed previously, or something you already know. This card could give you insight into how this option might make you feel or any obstacles — or lack of obstacles — you might face for the corresponding option.

Cards four and six: What is the possible outcome of choosing option one/option two?

We know that reading tarot will not give you an exact answer to all of your questions. However, it can help give you a bit of insight into possibilities. That is what this card is about. For each option available to you, this card will give you insight into the possible outcome should you choose this option.

Decision-Making Tarot Ritual

Recipe by Megan Black

It can often help to be in the right frame of mind when performing such an important divination task. Use this simple ritual to help get you focused on the decision you need to make.


  • Tarot deck


  • Gather all of your tools.
    You will need your tarot deck or another form of divination. You may also like to choose some candles, incense, and music for this ritual as well. Choose colors and scents that have corresponding intentions to your decision. For example, if you are trying to decide on a career path you may choose to use a green candle and mint incense.
  • Sit in a comfortable space and position.
    Use this moment to ground and center yourself. Play some calming music of your choice or go through a guided meditation to help you focus. You may find it helpful to begin a journal page for this reading. If you need some inspiration, check out our witchy journaling course.
  • When you’re ready, begin to shuffle your deck.
    As you shuffle, focus on the decision you need to make. Pull one card for each question and interpret your reading. Be sure to keep a record of this reading to help you make your decision later on.


Divination is a fun and useful tool for witches to use in their practice. Whether you are just learning tarot, are adamant about oracle cards, or create your own spreads, there is always more to see here on Spells8. Find inspiration and knowledge in these posts, too!

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