Horseshoe Tarot Spread

▶️ 7-Card Horseshoe Tarot Spread

This spread is perfect for asking about specific problems. Remember that the precision of the answer will depend on the clarity of question being asked.

Video: Horseshoe Guided Ritual

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Horseshoe Tarot Spread Tutorial
Horseshoe Tarot Spread Tutorial

Horseshoe Tarot Positions

Card 1: Past. It represents events and influences that have a direct bearing on the question. These influences may either be in the distant or recent past.

Card 2: Present. This is where you are now, the current circumstances surrounding your situation. It could refer to what’s happening now or to your current feelings and thoughts about the question.

Card 3: Hidden influences. In every situation there are unseen factors that you may not be fully aware of. Unexpected occurrences or subconscious conflicts that may not yet know about. It’s important to note that some readers use this third position to represent the immediate future instead of hidden influences.

Card 4: Obstacles. What is standing in the way of resolving this issue? The obstacles could be of a mental or physical nature, either external or sometimes present in our own attitude.

Card 5: Environment. This card describes what other people’s (or the other person’s) attitudes are. It could be an opinion, a behavior, or the general environment you are facing right now.

Card 6: Best Course of Action. It indicates a possible suggestion or what should be done for a successful end to the question. Sometimes the best course of action can be nothing at all, other times it may be a complete change in attitude.

Card 7: Final Outcome. In the Horseshoe spread, this card shows what is likely to happen if you follow the advice given by the previous card. If the advice is ignored, then this card can be ignored as well.

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Tarot Card Meanings

Major Arcana 🧙

0. The FoolI. The MagicianIX. The Hermit
XVII. The StarII. The High PriestessX. Wheel of Fortune
XVIII. The MoonIII. The EmpressXI. Justice
XIX. The SunIV. The EmperorXII. The Hanged Man
XXI. The WorldVI. The LoversXIV. Temperance
XXII. The Fool ExplainedVII. The ChariotXV. The Devil
VIII. StrengthXVI. The Tower

Wands 🥍Cups 🏆
Ace of WandsAce of Cups
Two of WandsTwo of Cups
Three of WandsThree of Cups
Four of WandsFour of Cups
Five of WandsFive of Cups
Six of WandsSix of Cups
Seven of WandsSeven of Cups
Eight of WandsEight of Cups
Nine of WandsNine of Cups
Ten of WandsTen of Cups
Page of WandsPage of Cups
Knight of WandsKnight of Cups
Queen of WandsQueen of Cups
King of WandsKing of Cups

Swords ⚔️Pentacles 🥇
Ace of SwordsAce of Pentacles
Two of SwordsTwo of Pentacles
Three of SwordsThree of Pentacles
Four of SwordsFour of Pentacles
Five of SwordsFive of Pentacles
Six of SwordsSix of Pentacles
Seven of SwordsSeven of Pentacles
Eight of SwordsEight of Pentacles
Nine of SwordsNine of Pentacles
Ten of SwordsTen of Pentacles
Page of SwordsPage of Pentacles
Knight of SwordsKnight of Pentacles
Queen of SwordsQueen of Pentacles
King of SwordsKing of Pentacles


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