Carnelian Crystal Activation

Carnelian Crystal Activation: Energizing Guided Meditation

Carnelian is a variety of reddish orange chalcedony, due to the presence of iron oxide. It belongs to the quartz group and usually presents orange and reddish hues.

Warriors from ancient Greece, Sumer, and Rome used carnelian amulets in battle to increase their courage and endurance. They have been used as royal stamps for at thousands of years, not only for their beauty and but also for practical reasons — the soft finish allowed the stone not to stick to the sealing wax in important documents.

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Light an orange or red candle during this meditation.

Origin: Its history dates back 4,500 years, and it has been found in Indonesia, Brazil, India, Russia (Siberia), and Germany.

Carnelian is among the few precious stones that are recommended within the Islamic religion. The prophet Muhammad had a carnelian-enrolled sealing ring that he used to seal important documents and is widely used by Muslims to this day.

Carnelian crystal

Main uses: Energy, stimulation, empowerment.

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The Power of Carnelian

Due to its reddish-orange color, it has been associated with blood, which made it a symbol of vitality and strength. For example, warriors would carry a carnelian stone as a necklace in order to gain courage in their battles and thus defeat their enemies.

Orange symbolizes energy, warmth, good health and happiness. It helps those who carry it to stabilize their energies, restore vitality and motivation, and stimulate creativity.

Carnelian increases self-confidence. It gives you the push you need to move from thoughts to action.

What to do with a Carnelian Stone

Carnelian helps restore energy balance, since it has a balancing effect that helps to eliminate negative vibrations around people or living spaces. It is mainly used to correct energy flow problems in the upper body, especially those of the solar plexus.

Also used as amulet in homes and businesses as protection against the evil eye, envy and negative thoughts directed towards the person carrying the amulet.

Carnelian is associated with the energy of power and ambition. Therefore it is commonly used for achieving professional success, calming tensions in decisive meetings, and to give mental clarity when making an important decision.

Carnelian heart stone

Its red color has been associated with life and power, but also with love and sex. Therefore, carnelian stone is used to revitalize sexual impulses, to activate fertility, and to maintain a stable and lasting relationship.

How to Cleanse Carnelian

To physically clean the carnelian stone, place it under the tap with running water for one minute. To cleanse it spiritually, immerse it in sea water or salt water for an hour. Salt will absorb the negative energy of the stone. Them take it out of the water, dry it, and let it be charged with the energy of the sun for a few minutes.

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How to Activate Carnelian

Activate your carnelian stone through meditation. Light an orange or red candle, enter a state of relaxation (such as following the above guided meditation) and connect your solar plexus with the solar energy of this stone. Trust the process and give thanks for the energy exchange.

Printable: Carnelian Cleanse + Activate

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Carnelian Properties and Uses

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