Witch Crafting Skills

Witch Crafting Means Using your Witch Skills: Join the Challenge!

Are you ready to catch up on the witchy weekly challenge? Please join the forum and choose any two! Next to the name of each challenge is the badge and title given to the participants who complete the challenge:

  1. Magick on the Go – Wandering Witch: Share your experience with travel magick / magick on the go.
  2. One Witch to Another – Keeper of Knowledge: Share a piece of witchy wisdom you learned from someone else with the name and source of the teacher.
  3. Salty Spellwork – Imperium salis: Share your experience using salt in your magickal practice.
  4. Reading Auras – Aura Reader: Share your experience exploring aura readings.
  5. Cat Magick – Amicus felium: Share your experience with cat magick.
  6. Wickedly Delicious – Connoisseur Witch: Share your experience with food and drink magick.
  7. Deities of the Moon – Blessed by the Moon: Share your experience exploring/worshipping the Moon.
  8. Beauty Magick – Pulchra magicae: Share your experience with beauty magick.
  9. A Touch of Tarot – Tarot Reader: Share your experience working with Tarot.
  10. The Challenger [50th Challenge] – Challenge Champion: Select a challenge/theme for yourself and share your learning or working experience in line with the challenge/theme you chose.
  11. Dragon Magick – Blessed by Dragons: Share your experience exploring Dragon Magick.
  12. A Healthy Dose of Crystals – Crystal Healer: Share your experience healing with crystals.
  13. Enchanting Chants – Chant Witch: Share your experience using chants in your magickal practice.
  14. The Many Colors of Magick – Colorful Witch: Share your experience using color in your magickal practice.
  15. Astrology: Reading the Skies – Astrologer: Share your experience with Astrology.
  16. Into the Light – Witch of Love and Light: Share your experience with White Magick.
  17. From the Shadows – Shadow Survivor: Share your experience with Shadow Magick.
  18. Congrats to the Coven – Coven Celebrant: Share your personal magickal pride and/or reflections on your time with Spells8.
  19. All About Altars – Reverent Witch: Share your experience learning about/working with your altar or sacred space.
  20. Holistic Magick: A Witch’s Apothecary – Apothecarist: Share your experience exploring holistic magick and/or your own apothecary.
  21. The Wizardry of Words – Word Witch: Share Your experience exploring the role of writing in your magickal practice.
  22. Claws, Paws, Tails and Scales – Animalis magum: Share your experience drawing on animal energy in your magickal practice.
  23. Strength of the Full Moon – Lunar Witch: Share your experience using the full moon to enhance your magick.
  24. Magick in the Arts – Art Witch: Share Your experience exploring/expressing your magickal practice through arts.
  25. Star Magick– Shining Bright: Share your experience learning about and/or using star magick in your practice.
  26. Your Magickal Roots – Peritus viatorem: Share your personal journey into magick and/or what you learned about you/your chosen path’s magickal history.
  27. Elemental Mastery – Master of All Elements: Share your experience learning about and/or using multiple elements in your magickal practice.
  28. Of the Element Earth – Earth Elemental: Share your experience learning about or using the qualities of earth in your magickal practice.
  29. Of the Element Fire – Fire Elemental: Share your experience learning about or using the qualities of fire in your magickal practice.
  30. From Seed to Sprout – Ceiliúradh an tséasúir: Share your experience learning about and/or celebrating the Sabbat/season.
  31. Of the Element Air – Air Elemental: Share your experience learning about or using the qualities of air in your magickal practice.
  32. Of the Element Water – Water Elemental: Share your experience learning about or using the qualities of water in your magickal practice.
  33. Of Goals and Intent – Finis patrator: This chllenge has 2 parts. One is compulsory and the other one is optional. Firstly, share your experience setting goals for the year ahead (compulsory) and secondly, any magick you worked to manifest your goals (optional).
  34. Holiday Cheer – Merrily Magickal: Share your experience brightening up the holidays with magick.
  35. Magick in the Dark – Tenebris Lucem: Share your experience with magick during the waning/new moon or share your decision to rest/reflect during this time.
  36. Of Spells and String – Weavemaster: Write about your experience doing or learning about knot magick.
  37. Scrub-a-dub, Magick in the Tub – Bubbly Witch: Write about how you used magick in your bath/shower.
  38. Heed the Call of Crystals – Crystal Collector: Write about the crystal(s) you used/learned about.
  39. Creative Crafting – Creatively Crafty: Write about what you made and your crafting experience.
  40. Of Candles and Flame – Witch of the Flame: Write about your experience learning/trying candle magick.
  41. The Veil Between Worlds – Witch of the Veil: Share your experience honoring the dead.
  42. The Spell-ing Bee – Spell Master: Share the intent/purpose of your spell and the words you chose.
  43. Foretelling the Future – Seer Apprentice: Share what method(s) of divination did you try? and How did it go?
  44. Potion Making – Potion Master: Share what potion you made and a bit about it!
  45. Books, Tomes, and Tales – Book Lover: This challenge is all about book. For example, whether you are starting a new book, or continuing a book-in-progress, or sharing a recommendation? Please share the title, author, and a bit about the book/story/article? What drew you to this piece? What aspects of magick does it cover or inspire? Do you like it enough to recommend it?
  46. Giving Gratitude – Blessed and Grateful: Share your experience by giving gratitude to that God or person or thing that you honor most.
  47. Inviting Abundance– Blessed by Abundance: Share any spells, rituals, appeal to a deity associated with thriving and abundance, create a list of goals you have for the future, or create something new- so long as it relates to welcoming in prosperity, your wisdom and experiences or other work you did to bring prosperity into your life.
  48. Moon Magick – Moon Witch: Share a moon spell or ritual, talk about a personal experience with the moon or moon deity, learning more about moon phases.
  49. Dealing in the Divine – Deific Witch: Talk about a diety close to your heart, how you found them, a diety that caught your eye, any divine rituals or spells you’d like to share.
  50. Kitchen Witchery – Kitchen Witch: Share anything you do that relates to kitchen witchery. Any recipes, cooking spells or blessings, stories, knowledge about favorite herbs or spices you cook with.
  51. Dream Magick – Oneiric Witch: Share your experience on dream magick.
  52. Earth-Friendly Witchcraft – Earth Witch: Share your experience on Earth-friendly witchcraft.
  53. The Thrifty Witch – Thrifty Witch: Share your experience on money or therift magick.
  54. Celestial Exploration – Cosmic Witch: If you learned about your zodiac, learned about the history of the full moon, or found an interesting fact- feel free to share your newfound knowledge! If you tried a ritual, spell, or project- how did it go, and would you recommend it?
  55. Trying Something New – Experimenter: Feel free to talk about your experience- be sure to mention what it was that you tried! Did it work how you expected it to? Will you use this new method again, adapt it, or put it aside? Would you recommend it to your fellow witches?

You can take up to two challenges in this caught-up session. So if you want to join the challenges, please follow the link: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE – Catch-Up!

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