Pagan Prayer For Death Of A Loved One,

Wiccan Prayer for Death of a Loved One / Loss of a Pet

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Light a black or purple candle during this prayer.

This short pagan prayer can help your deceased loved one walk into Summerland, get divine peace and rest.

Transcription: Wiccan prayer for the loss of a loved one

Mother Goddess, Father God,
I release myself from those who have left this plane 
And let them walk the blessed gardens of Summerland.

As they enter a dream from which rebirth will arise,
I give thanks for the time spent together
And invoke their protective light to guide me.

I light a candle to bless this day,
With the splendor of fire, the freedom of the wind,
The stability of earth, and the depth of the sea.

Sun and Moon, grant us birth, 
Give us life, death, and rest.
For we shall meet again 
Once our souls leave this world.

Guide me through the night,
And through the sun-lit days.
Merry part and merry meet.
In soul and heart, Blessed be.

Saying a Wiccan prayer with faith can help us overcome the painful death of a loved one, whether human or animal, and receive strength, wisdom and tranquility. Prayer helps us keep our heart and mind in the hands of our pagan deities or forces of Nature, guiding our steps.

In many cases, it’s not about asking for the soul of the person (or animal) but to help us overcome the loss of a pet or family member.

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Wiccan Prayer For A Dead Pet
Wiccan prayer for a dead pet or friend

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Pagan prayer for death of a loved one
Pagan prayer for death of a loved one

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