What is a Chaote?

The word “chaote” [kay-ote] refers to an individual that practices chaos magick. This form of magick is less restrictive than other forms because it doesn’t dictate its practice based on certain beliefs or structures. These people may have initially been a part of certain practices but have discovered the magick of utilizing the power of their beliefs to transcend these systems.

The 6 Laws of Systems

  1. You must change a system’s structure to permanently change the system.
  2. Finding a special point of a system will always be difficult.
  3. When a system is complex, there is more distance between cause and effect over it.
  4. Large amounts of feedback loops create a less predictable system.
  5. Stimulating a point to achieve a desire usually creates chaos before the desire is met.
  6. Every system contains points where small changes can have drastic effects on it.

As you can see, there is a particular science behind chaos magick that other forms of magick may miss. Instead of operating fully on intuition, trust, and belief, chaos magick uses these laws and formulas to strategically cast magick. With this structure, results may be more direct and fruitful. These laws can be applied throughout the different experiences of our lives. For instance, the first law states you must change the structure of a system in order to change the system. This is also true for certain manifestations. You must work through your internal shadows and limiting beliefs in order to permanently change your external world into your desired state.

The 9 Laws of Chaos Magic

  1. Complex systems cannot be reversed.
  2. The state in which a system is in place will determine its long-term condition.
  3. As above, so below. The cosmos and chaos are intertwined. A change in one initiates a change within the other.
  4. Every system has a point in which a minimal change can create large consequences. When these points are initiated, there is often a chaotic upheaval before the desired results manifest.
  5. Every living system depends on the whole of existence.
  6. The more independent a system is, the more it will require feedback loops.
  7. Every complex system’s future can’t be predicted.
  8. Every creative outcome is the byproduct of tension between the cosmos and chaos.
  9. No complex system is at equilibrium, even if it appears to be.

While chaos magick does operate by certain laws, there are no belief systems that each chaote shares. This is because chaos magick is meant to be explored and experimented with. While these laws often tell the story of what science exists throughout magick and creation, this doesn’t explain the means by which you can use them, whether anything is right or wrong, or predict what a certain outcome will be compared to another. Chaos magick understands the uncertainty that stems from creation and instead nudges you in the right direction of how to work with these laws to create a change that may be desirable.

Your own personal journey working with chaos magick is most important. The results others have may not necessarily be the results you’ll experience. The laws explain the different complexities that come with each system, which is true for each person and their desires. There is no way to compare one person’s journey to someone else’s, the beliefs that they have, and the energetic ability that they hold. An action done by one person can have extremely different results done by another.

Aspects of Chaos Magic


Gnosis is an altered state of consciousness that’s necessary to practice magick. This state can be defined as your conscious mind is subdued. When your conscious mind is turned off, your beliefs and judgments are as well. Because of this, your intentions and abilities may be stronger without these mental blockages in the way. Mastering this state can be difficult at first, but much like with meditation, it can become second nature with practice.


Sigils are symbols used in magic. They are created by combining a letter or letters from the name of the desired outcome with other symbolic images. The sigil is then charged with energy to help manifest the outcome. Sigils are commonly used in chaos magick because they are an easy way to direct energy through chaotic means.

The World Is An Illusion

When practicing chaos magick, it’s possible to garner results using the tools and means that resonate with you. Every day, it’s possible to change your direction, tools, structure, and belief behind what works and what doesn’t because chaos magick teaches you that everything is an illusion. This means that everyone’s individual experience is catered to their own self. As they learn to change their beliefs and understanding within themselves, their external world changes, but it does not change for anyone else.

Changing The Course of The Universe

As above, so below. As within, so without.
As above, so below. As within, so without.

Through the belief in chaos magick, all energy throughout existence is chaotic. That means that it operates purely without any true form or structure, but the focus and intent upon it are what dictates its direction and focus. A Chaote understands their ability to exert a focused intent, or arrow of their energy into the ultimate chaos, in hopes of bringing forth their desire.

Boundless and Unstructured

In chaos magick, there are no rules, only the understanding of how the chaos works. Outside of these parameters, there is no guide or right way of performing a spell or practice. This is a liberating practice because it removes all previous programming and associations with objects, spells, rituals, and their meanings. A chaote allows their mind to open itself up to the ability to craft their own magick on their own terms. This makes for a personalized and powerful way of practicing magic because it’s purer and directly from your own chaotic source of power.

Chaos Magic Teaches You

Chaos magick isn’t just a practice, it’s a way of being. A chaote experiences a sense of freedom and empowerment as they gain access to changing their world through their thoughts and intentions. Through this practice, you learn the ability to see past the illusions. You also learn how to let go of other people’s ideas and beliefs and understand that these programs inflict restrictions upon you and your success.

Introduction to Chaos Magick

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