Protection Anointing Oil

Protection Anointing Oil

If there is one thing that can serve a Witch wonderfully, it is knowing when and how to work with each herb and ingredient. This collection of 60+ DIY recipes will help you put your Green Witch Wisdom to work!

Natural Witch Apothecary 🌿

An apothecary is an ancient term for a person who prepares and sells medicines. Like an early type of pharmacist, the apothecary combined studies in herbalism and alchemy in order to prepare healing compounds.

Herbs work in a holistic way to treat entire systems in the body rather than a single symptom. When creating a Magickal Apothecary, we can get creative with formulation, blending various herbs into combinations that focus with even greater intention.

Green witch

With the help of SilverBear‘s step-by-step processes, these recipes will show you how to craft your own Witch apothecary cabinet, including oils, salves, bath blends and other simple and safe homemade herbal remedies.

Magickal Apothecary tutorial

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