Sunday Magic Spells

Sunday Magic Spells: Victory & Success

What spells are best done on a Sunday? Cast spells for inspiration, wealth, fame and success! 💫

Sunday Magick

Sunday sets the tone for the week that starts tomorrow. Associated to gold and the Sun, it radiates vitality and success.

On this page, you’ll find:

Sunday Magickal Correspondences

Deities 🙏

Sundays are ruled by solar deities like Apollo, Sól, Brigid, Victoria, Áine, Helios, Ra, and Inti.

Tea for Sunday ☕

Drink a cup of Honey and Ginger Tea to fill your Sunday with positive energy. Traditional Chinese medicine holds that ginger restores devastated yang¹. It is a symbol of strength and purity. Ginger even appears in the ancient Hindu text, the Kama Sutra, where its use is entrusted to enhance sexual relationships and help flow the energy of love and sensuality.

Sunday Herbs 🌿

Bay leaf, Marigolds, Sunflowers, Cinnamon, Cedar, Lemon, Angelica, Buttercups, Juniper, Marigold, St Johns Wort.

Crystals for Sundays 💎

Amber, Carnelian, Diamond, Tiger’s Eye Quartz.

Find more correspondences in our Daily Devotional Page

Sunday Spells 🔮

Sunday color correspondences are Yellow and Gold. A simple spell is: Burn a yellow candle and meditate as you recreate the warmth and light of the Sun. ☀️

Yellow Candle

Invite mental clarity and knowledge. Meditating with a yellow candle promotes creativity, imagination, communication, mental strength and intellect.

Chant to Helios

The Sun was the center of a popular cult among Romans, who would stand at dawn to catch the first rays of sunshine as they prayed to Helios (Sun).

Prayer to Ra, Sun God

The symbol of sunlight, giver of life, responsible for the cycle of death and resurrection. He is the Egyptian god who represents the power of the sun.

Prayer to Brighid

“Bless and protect my hearth and kin.” Brighde, “the Bright One”, presides over the hearth and sacred fires, over the arts, fertility and healing.

Prepare for Action

This spell for ending procrastination can be cast without ingredients. It is quick and easy to do, otherwise we will postpone the casting of this very spell! ⚡

Apollo’s Inspiration

During the 5th century BC, Apollo became known as the god of Sun, becoming one with the god Helios and getting the name Phoebus. He isthe god of truth and prophecy; archery; medicine and healing.

Bay Leaf or Laurel

This is a noble and protective tree, with a strong energy that attracts luck, success, material and spiritual fulfillment. Its masculine energy radiates glory and honor. Spells with Bay Leaf

Bay Leaf Wish Spell

Bay leaves are associated to success and wealth so they are typically used to manifest money. But you can manifest any wish with the help of a burning bay leaf.

Honey Jar with Bay Leaf

A Sweetening spell in a Witch bottle. Watch the video to learn how to do it. Print this recipe of Kitchen Magic!

Spell to Pass a Test

This recipe uses the power of a yellow candle in combination with a sun sigil and aromatherapy, to enhance your mental state before an important exam.

Dream Job Wiccan Chant

Spell + Visualization exercise. Perfect for those looking for a change of position in the short or long term.

The Door Opener Spell

A green candle spell with bay leaves, rice, and salt. This career spell can be modified to fit any personal goal. Open the doors to new opportunities and success with Green Magic!

Sunday Potions

☕ Potions can have medicinal uses as they vary in effects, nature, mode of preparation and ingredients. Healing potions and tonics have been used since ancient times by traditional healers and still are a fundamental part of folk Magic.

Healing Potion Spell

Honey and ginger tea is an easy, delicious, and all-natural way to promote good health. Its many health benefits include anti-inflammatory effects and reducing muscle pain. Print it!

Harmonizing Oil

On this Forum post, SilverBear shares her powerful, yet calming anointing oil recipe. You’ll need a glass jar, Bay leaf, Roses, Lavender, and a few more ingredients.

Crystals for Sundays

Light a candle on your altar and place your crystals next to it while you meditate. These guided crystal meditations will help you activate your stones:

Tiger’s Eye Quartz

This guided crystal meditation is perfect for Sundays. Tiger’s Eye combines the energy of Earth with the energies of the Sun, bringing stability and awareness while integrating the spiritual and physical planes.

How to Use Tiger’s Eye

One of the greatest virtues of the Tiger’s eye stone is providing mental balance. If you have any kind of emotional instability problems, this quartz is the one for you, since it will attract inner peace. If you are going through emotional conflicts, meditate while holding a Tiger’s eye close to your chest.

Wear the Tiger’s eye to increase insight and perception in unknown places or circumstances, and to protect yourself from the negative intentions of others. This gemstone sharpens the senses, helping you to pay attention to details and preparing you for positive action.

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Sunday Lessons 📖

Wheel of the Year

The Wheel of the Year represents the never-ending cycle of the seasons. As the wheel turns, the seasons change and we keep evolving.

Finding your Patron Deity

Having a patron god or matron goddess can feel comforting and gives meaning to your practice. Watch the Wicca Level 2 Course

Weekly Tarot Spread

Light some incense and follow this easy step-by-step tutorial to make a 7-card spread for a weekly reading. Perfect for a Sunday evening.

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Printable Page 🖨️

These PDF pages come with a transparent background so you can print on any kind of paper you want and add them to your own Book of Shadows. Find more printable grimoire pages.

Lunar Spells, Every Night

Visit Tonight’s Lunar Spell Generator and awaken your Magic instantly with a very simple step-by-step ritual.

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Sunday Magic Spells
Sunday Magic Spells


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