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Spells work by opening up a spiritual pathway towards the goals we seek. 🍀 The words and rituals that make up a spell are a means of engaging the Witch’s mindset in the transformation that is to happen.

Just like visualizing a road map for our manifestations and our future, the more prepared we are for change, the better it will be.

Grimoire in PDF

It’s common for Witches to write their own spells but also to look for spells and rituals in books, family grimoires, or share them with friends who are also studying the Craft.

Your Book of Shadows is the book (or binder) where you’ll keep the useful information you find, such as spells, recipes, rituals, correspondences, and all sort of witchcraft resources.

Grimoire Spell Pages 📜

This is a list of all the printable spells added to Spells8, in chronological order. For categories, browse all spells. If you can’t find the page you’re looking for, try here: Grimoire PDF

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June 2019

Moon Water Printable Recipe

Cord Cutting Printable Ritual

Return to Sender Spell for Karmic Retribution

Fresh Funds Money Spell

Money Bags Printable Spell

Banishing Grace Spell with Wiccan Chant

Elemental Protection Salt Cleansing Spell

Sweetening Spell with Honey

Far & Away Banishing Jar Spell

Endless Desire Spell to Strengthen a Relationship

July 2019

Magic Armor Protection Spell

Oceans Charm Money Spell

Powerful Confidence Spell

Amulet Talisman Consecration Spell

Spiritual Cleansing Bath Spell

Bad Luck Go Away Spell

I Release You Forget Spell

August 2019

Elemental Road Opener Candle Spell

Spell for Peace of Mind

Hyssop Charm Tea Spell

Farewell Ritual for a Deceased Loved One

Pass an Exam Spell

December 2019

Legal Blessings Spell to Win a Court Case

Moon Boon Wiccan Money Spell

Morning Tea Self Love Spell

Herbal Harmony Tea Spell

January 2020

Eternal Beauty Wiccan Spell

Fire Flowers Candle Love Spell

Sweetening Honey Jar Spell

Herbal Aura Cleansing Bath Spell

February 2020

Moondrop Blessing – Full Moon Water Spell

Spell for Ending Procrastination

Silver Moon Money Manifestation Spell

Job Magic Door Opener Spell

New Love Spiritual Bath Spell

Elemental Consecration Blessing Spell

March 2020

Uncrossing Ritual Spell

Pet Protection Magic Spell

Magical Reconciliation Spell

April 2020

Stop Bullying Spell

Dream Job Spell Chant

June 2020

Stop Gossip Spell

Gratitude Ritual for Good Luck

Love Magnet with Amber Spell

July 2020

Full Moon Spell for Protection

Altar Blessing Ritual

August 2020

Spirit Delight Cleansing Salt Bath

Friendship Spell with Cloves

September 2020

Circle Casting and Calling the Quarters

November 2020

Sugar Jar Love Ritual

9-Day Candle Love Spell

Magic Charm Bracelet Love Spell

December 2020

Anxiety Be Gone Spell

Full Moon Spell for Motivation and Power

January 2021

Good Luck Key Spell Chant

February 2021

Love Spell Jar for Valentines’ Day

April 2021

Makeup Glamour Magick Spell

Check of Abundance

New Moon Prosperity Spell

May 2021

Spell to Sell a House or Property

June 2021

Spell For Solar Eclipse: Sun & Moon Candle Magic

July 2021

Hex-Reversal Spell with a Mirror

Burning Bay Leaf for Manifesting a Wish Spell

August 2021

Sacred Blessings: Prayer Spell to Bless a Person

October 2021

Scrying Spell with a Black Mirror

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These spells are designed on a transparent background so you can print them on printer-friendly parchment paper (Amazon) before adding them to your Book of Shadows binder.

There are new printable pages and spells in other categories too:

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Grimoire Spells Witches Printable PDF
Grimoire Spells Witches Printable PDF

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