Printable Lunar Calendar 2021

I use a 3-ring binder to organize them with these Book of Shadows Divider pages.

All these pages have a transparent background. To get a nice vintage look, print them on parchment stationery paper such as this one (Amazon).

If you’re interested in working Magic following the Moon transits and phases, don’t forget to Bookmark this page: Tonight’s Moon Spell 🌕

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2021 Pagan Holidays Calendar

Download and print this free page with all the important Wiccan dates of 2021:

Why do Full Moons have names?

Tracking the changing of the seasons was traditionally done by following the lunar months rather than a solar year, which is what the modern calendar is based on.

These traditional names come from farmer’s almanacs and were used by Native American tribes and settlers.

Lunar Magic Guides

Spells for Every Moon Phase ✨

Need spells? Read about the main 4 stages of the Moon (New, Waxing, Full, Waning) and cast spells with these ritual ideas: