Orange and Herb Attraction Bath

Orange and Herb Attraction Bath

Take a relaxing, fragrant Orange 🍊 and Herb 🌿 bath to help attract your intentions and boost self-confidence. This bath works beautifully with fresh mint or basil.

Why this Spell Works

  • Bathing in orange peels has been said to increase one’s physical attractiveness. Oranges 🍊 are also used in spells for love, luck, prosperity and divination.
  • The Herbs 🌿 chosen here have their own magical properties which, working harmoniously with the oranges and water in this potion, will aid in attracting your intentions.

Orange and Herb Attraction Bath

Recipe by Limeberry and TheTravelWitch

Take this relaxing bath to help attract your intentions. Attract love, luck and prosperity, make yourself more attractive and boost self-confidence.


  • 5 whole oranges

  • A handful of fresh mint or basil

  • A candle

  • Bath Salt (optional)


  • Take a quick shower and then run a warm bath.
  • Light your candle and add the whole oranges and herbs (and salt if using).
  • Relax in the warm water, look into the candle flame and clear your mind.
  • Gradually begin peeling each of the oranges as you focus on your intentions, enjoy the aroma that fills the air. Allow the orange peels to fall into the water and swirl around you as you bathe.
  • Squeeze the juice from the oranges and use the fruit and herbs to exfoliate your skin. Eat some of the fruit too. All the while keep your intentions in mind.
  • When you finish your bath allow your hair and body to air dry. Scoop the fruit and herb remains out of the bath and either bury them or throw them away. Allow the candle to burn down.


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Attraction Bath

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  1. Gbemisola Gbafe

    Hi. Can the ‘orange and herbs attraction bath” be taken at any period of the lunar moon and how often can one take this bath please. Thank you.

    • This bath spell can be done any time you need it. The moon phase is just an added correspondence that can add energy to your spell. I personally wouldn’t recommend doing this bath more than once a month from both a magickal and mundane perspective. First, you should give the spell time to work. Also, taking an herbal bath too often can affect your skin, your bath tub, and your sewer system. All things in moderation, I say! 😊

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