Mini-Realm Project

The following is a guest post by Henry Lark, proud warlock from the Lark family of sorcerers (England and Lithuania) :

Hello, I am Henry Lark. If you read the last thing I wrote for this website, you may have been a little confused because the page got taken down. This was because COVID19 made it look like something that couldn’t be prioritised. What I am writing now is about a recent project that I started with my cousin and a whole force of very helpful spirits.

COVID19 has affected the world radically and one of the most frustrating of its effects is being trapped inside. Although the purpose of it was to entertain people during lockdown which is coming to a close, it has developed into something that has timeless potential. As we all know, the plain of existence we live on is just one of the thousands that are beyond the three-dimensional world we live in. When the gods were young, the construction of these worlds was the norm. It is still happening today. We assume that it is the privilege of those powerful deities but that is not true.

About three months ago, me, with my cousin began to construct a small realm of our own. To do so, we had to hire a large number of spirits. It has a total area of about 100km2 and has a huge number of forms of entertainment. The place has a massive park for those who wish to take a stroll, a lake filled with breathable water and hotel rooms to stay in. There is a carnival for you to play games never heard of, a super large restaurant where people can be served food that feeds your soul and heals your body and shows that have spirits performing things indescribable on Earth. Not only are humans welcome, if you happen to have a tulpa, it will also manifest metaphysically with you. It is all run by people hired from all over the spirit realm.

Now you would probably be wondering, okay, sounds pretty amazing but how on is anyone meant to get there? After all, it is outside our plane of existence. Well, our physical body can’t go there but we are not just physical bodies. We are metaphysical beings with physical bodies. We have found a way for you to metaphysically be there through a little mind trick. Firstly, you must learn to lucid dream. That can be difficult, there are multiple sources that can tell you how. To summaries though, you just have to when you are in a dream and not wake up. Once you are lucid dreaming, find a door in the dream and draw this symbol on it:

Henry Lark Mini Realm Symbol

Once you walk through the door with that symbol, you should end up waking up in a hotel room made to be exactly what should make you comfortable there. Now before you run off to find all these fun activities, you will need two things.

1. Map:

Henry Lark Mini realm map

You will find one of these on the wall of your room as well as a point to show where you are. As well as that, you will find a copy in a draw that you can take with you and will show you where you are no matter where you go. Now, if you happen to be quite far from where you wish to be, don’t worry. You can fly in there! It may take some practice but you can basically go where you want in minutes. However, it may be nice to walk as you may enjoy it.

2. The Money

At the carnival or the market, spirits may give you some stuff for free but ultimately, they want something out of it. As a result, they will ask something of you in return. If you don’t have any money then they may ask you for a task. This can be anything from doing a little work for them to giving a kiss to outright prostituting yourself which many of you probably wouldn’t be that into. So how do you get the money? The answer is through sacrifice. Nothing major has to be lost. All you have to do is give something up from a piece of art to a piece of food. The more it is worth to you, the more you can get from it. Just burn what you wish to sacrifice with the symbol above in your mind. When you are in your room, you will find a small money box containing the equivalent amount of value in coins.

If you look under your pillow, there is a chance you will find a pill. If you do and you lick it, an instinct should kick in that draws you towards something. If you go along with it, you should find your soul mate if one happens to be in the realm. This is only if you are interested and if there is a soulmate you already have but you don’t want to find them, the soulmate will not get a pill.

So, if you are interested in purchasing charms, looking for entertainment or are just curious, try visiting the realm and have some fun.

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