Good Luck Full Moon Spell Amulet

‘Fu Yishi’: A Lucky Amulet with Coins (Spell Recipe)

Learn how to put a good luck spell on an amulet or charm with this Magical recipe. Cast a protection spell under the Full Moon to maximize the reach of your positive energies and carry them with you in the form of a protective amulet.

Why this Spell Works

  • We will make an amulet with traditional Chinese coins (with holes), which have been used as lucky charms and well-known as auspicious symbols for thousands of years.
  • Tie them with red ribbon, 🎀 another ancient mystical way to ward off evil, envies and negative emotions.
  • Bay leaves will amplify your psychic abilities with its powerful properties for spiritual connection. Watch this video lesson on Witchcraft with Bay leaves.
  • The energy of the yellow candle 🔥 strengthen your focus and powers of visualization during the ritual.

Start to cast this Magic protection spell during the first day of the Full Moon. Learn more about Magic and the Moon phases here.

‘Fu Yishi’: A Lucky Amulet with Coins (Spell Recipe)

Recipe by Francisco HuanacoDifficulty: Easy

Learn how to make a Lucky charm with coins during the Full Moon and stay protected. Attract the energies of Good Luck and Fortune to you with an easy Magic spell.


  • 7 chinese coins. Get them on Amazon

  • Sandalwood incense (optional)

  • 7 fresh bay leaves

  • 1 yellow candle

  • Red ribbon or string

How to make the amulet

  • On your altar or work table, place the 7 coins forming a circle.
  • Place the yellow candle in the center of the circle and light it.
  • If you want to, light some sandalwood incense also inside the circle.
  • Look at the full moon (or visualize it if you can’t see it) and with great faith say the following incantation:Good-Luck-Spell-Incantation
  • Crush a bay leaf and rub it in your hand, spreading its aroma on your skin. Feel free to smell it too! Do this with 3 or 4 leaves.
  • Take the coins and tie them together using the red ribbon. As you do this, chant the spell once again.
  • When you’re done tying them, place your amulet next to the candle and leave it there until the candle goes out.


  • If you don’t have 7 chinese coins, you can still make this amulet in the traditional way, using just 3 coins. Or experiment with different numbers and see what works best for you!
  • 🖨️ Scroll down to find a printable version of this spell recipe!

Carry this good luck amulet with you in your wallet, bag or purse to bring the protection and good fortune of the full moon everywhere you go. Or you can hang them near the entrance of your home as a decoration and to attract positive vibrations to the household.

Learn how to work with amulets here: The Easiest Way to Charge & Activate Talismans or Amulets

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'Fu Yishi': A Lucky Amulet with Coins (Spell Recipe)

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Print it: Fu Yishi Lucky Amulet Spell

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