Valentine's Day Love Romance Tarot Divination Reading

Love Reading: Valentine’s Tarot Spread for New Relationships

Allow relationships of the past to illuminate your romance of the future…

Who knew exes could come in handy? With this three-part tarot spread, key themes and lessons learned from past relationships and your own inner guiding light help to reveal your future love. Tarot readers either new or experienced can use this step-by-step spread to gain insights into a future of love.

Note that this tarot spread can be used to divine loving relationships of either a romantic or platonic nature– just be sure to clearly set your intention before you begin!

The path to future love begins in the past

What will your cards reveal about your love life?

1. Before beginning, you may choose to cleanse your tarot deck.

2. When your deck is ready, you can begin to shuffle the cards. Focus on what kind of love you want to explore today– is it platonic or romantic?

3. Continue to shuffle as you call up memories of meaningful relationships you have experienced– they can be bonds you had in the past or that you currently have in the present.

~ ♡ ❤ ♡ ~

4. When you feel ready, draw one card for each powerful relationship in your life and place them to the right side of the space in front of you.

✦ For a reading about romance, focus on past or current romantic partners. It is recommended that you choose one card per current or ex- romantic partner. If you have not yet had a romantic partner, do not draw any cards for this part of the reading.

✦ For a reading about friendships or non-romantic relationships, focus on the most important bonds you have experienced. You will draw one card per close friend or special bond in your life. If you feel that you have not yet had any strong platonic bonds, do not draw any cards for this part of the reading.

The cards that embody your powerful past relationships will each represent an essential lesson or quality you will need for your future love life

Each card drawn in this section of the spread displays a relationship that was or is very important to you in some way. Thus, the cards here each represent something equally important. As you observe the cards that appear here, know that each one symbolizes an essential lesson or important quality of that relationship.

5. Observe the cards that you drew. Take time to understand the lessons or qualities they embody, even if it is difficult to do so. The way to a loving future is through overcoming and learning from the past!

6. When you feel you have taken the messages to heart, turn over any cards that represented relationships that have ended, removing them from sight. You are putting these past relationships to rest while carrying the knowledge gained to help you move forward.

✦ Do NOT turn back over any cards that represent current or ongoing relationships– they should remain face up for the duration of the reading.

Your life, your love

Valentine's Day Romance Tarot Spread
The heart card rests on the left side and is a guiding beacon of your own inner strength

7. Draw one card and place it towards the left. The leftmost card is the heart card, as the heart beats on the left-hand side of your chest. The heart card that you draw represents YOU.

While the relationship cards on the right point to valuable lessons and things gained from previous relationships that you will need to guide you forward, the heart card is a blazing beacon of your own guiding strength.

✦ If the meaning of the heart card is not immediately clear to you or confuses you, look closely and consider both traditional and personal ways to read this card. It may point to a quality you possess that sets you apart or a significant achievement or challenge that you overcame.

The meaning of the heart card points to something that will help guide you, regardless of outside influences, towards the love you are seeking.

2, 2, 1 – Apart, Together, as One

The central heart shape begins with a distant glimpse at your future love

The following five cards will be laid down with one row slightly overlapping the next. The end result will be a heart that reveals what you need to know about your future love.

8. Draw two cards and place them at the top of the space directly in front of you. These two cards should have some space in between them, symbolizing distance. These cards will help you to know more about the other part of your future love.

▣ The card on the left represents a physical or tangible trait of the person you are seeking.

▣ The card on the right represents an emotional or spiritual trait of the person you are seeking.

Valentine's Day Tarot Spread Love Romance
The next layer of your central heart shape reveals how you will meet and first impressions

9. Draw an additional two cards and lay them in the next row down, slightly on top of the two cards you drew previously. These two cards form the center of the heart and have additional insights about when you and the object of your future love come together.

▣ The card on the left has a hint about how you will meet the love of your future– this card may refer to a place, situation, environment, or even time.

▣ The card on the right will show you about the first impression– it may be the impression you take away from the meeting, or what your future special someone first feels when they meet you.

Valentine's Love Reading Tarot Spread
The final card in both the central heart shape and the spread as a whole closes the reading

10. Draw a final card- but before you reveal it and place it on the spread, hold it against your chest. For a few moments, take some time to meditate on your past relationships, your own emotions and inner guidance, and the wish of inviting in a new, wonderful relationship into your life.

11. With a heart that is open and full of love, place your final card onto the spread. It will be the last layer of the central heart shape, placed slightly on top of the layer that came before it.

▣ The final card placed shows you the projected outcome of your next relationship, should you continue on the path you are currently on.

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