Now You're a Witch

Day 8: You’re a Witch!

🎉 Now you can confidently call yourself a Wiccan – as long as you stay active and keep studying and learning the Wiccan Ways.

Day 8 topics:

As a solitary practitioner, you are now a seeker. Your job right now is to find the Magical elements and tools which will help you create your path and develop a Witchcraft practice that fits your own needs.

Connecting with the divine and exploring one’s own spirituality is essential to growth as a practitioner. Honoring the Goddess and God inside of each of us as well as celebrating the turning of the wheel marks and defines Wiccan traditions. Overall, Wicca is an open religious practice that welcomes all people regardless of their path and past into the arms of the Goddess.

Spells8 is a website full of resources for solitary witches: spells, meditations, devotionals, guides, group rituals and celebrations, and a community of helping Witches! Become active in the Forum, visit the Daily Wiccan Ritual, the Lunar Spell, and experiment with your Magic!

Now what?

Keep learning about Wicca! Take more online courses, such as:

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