Full Harvest Moon Ritual

Harvest Full Moon Ritual & Spell

Simple healing ritual for the Harvest Moon that you can do alone or with others. Wiccan Witches call these Full Moon celebrations Esbats and they’re a great time to work out our Witchcraft and Magic ✨ regardless of your beliefs.

Harvest Moon Magic Ritual

Spiritual Meaning of the Harvest Moon

September/October is the harvest season. ‎‍🌾 The Full Moon closer to September’s Equinox is called the Harvest Moon due to its historical helpfulness in bringing in the crop. ‎During this time of diminishing daylight hours, the full moon was a wonderful ally before farmers had the illumination of tractor lights. 🌕

What do you want to illuminate during the autumn season, leading up to the winter? What do you feel is unclear or uncertain in your life?

How this Spell Works

This is an outdoor ritual, so you can make an outdoor candle with a glass jar and a handful of sand, salt or rice.

  • As the sun’s light fades in the west, the moon will rise soon afterwards in the east to illuminate the fields throughout the night. You can begin at twilight, which is one of the most powerful times of day for Witchcraft and spellwork.
  • Chanting is a powerful tool which can release stress and have a positive effect on your concentration and focus. There are many traditions of using the power of chants to achieve a meditation state; from Buddhism to Wicca and many other paths in between.

Here is a simple Full Harvest Moon spell. The best day for this spell is a Friday, but you should cast it on any of the nights that the moon is full in the weeks around the Equinox.

Harvest Full Moon Ritual & Spell

Harvest Full Moon Ritual & Spell

Recipe by Francisco Huanaco

Healing meditation and ritual for the Harvest Moon that you can do alone or with others. Wiccan-friendly spell of positive Witchcraft honoring the abundance of the harvest season’s Full Moon.


  • 1 outdoor candle

  • View of the Full Moon

  • Pen

  • Paper

How to cast the spell

  • Before you begin, set an intention for this ritual. A good idea for tonight’s spell is to ask for clarity in a given aspect of your life. Write it down on the piece of paper.
  • Go to a safe outdoor space with a good view of the Full Moon. Plan to arrive as the sun is setting, as the moonrise will follow shortly after.
  • Light the candle and open your ritual by saying:Full Harvest Moon Ritual
  • Sit down and chant this mantra aloud or internally:
    “Harvest Moon, bring light to my Path.”
    Continue chanting this as you let the Full Moon bathe you. Allow the mantra to find its own speed and volume. Find more tips below. 🧘
  • This exercise will naturally move you inward into a deep state of peace, if you allow it. You will then experience a deep awareness where the sounds no longer make sense. You may feel that you’re not chanting it anymore but rather listening to it or remembering it.
  • The mantra can lead your attention into silence, deep meditation, or sleep. Use this moment of deep awareness and clarity to focus on what you wrote down on the piece of paper. Take out your journal and write down any realizations you come across.
  • When you feel your ritual time has ended, take a deep breath in, stretching your arms overhead towards the sky and say:
    “So Mote it Be.”


  • Practice candle safety. Never leave candles burning unattended.
  • 🖨️ Scroll down to find a printable version of this spell

Find more ideas for your ritual based on tonight’s moon conditions here: Tonight’s Spell Generator 🌕

Tips for Mantra Meditations

Chanting with Mala beads is a way to time your meditation, usually 108 beads are counted, one for each chant of the mantra. Don’t worry if you missed a count, lost in thought. Return to the fingerwork and keep sliding one bead after each repetition. 📿

Allow the mantra to come out at its own speed, without rushing or forcing it. Thoughts should flow through your mind. You may deal with them or simply let them come and go.

Reciting the mantra mindlessly is not as beneficial as reciting it with feeling. Repeating it with willpower and expression is a deeper process that brings benefits.

Spell + Moon Journaling Page 📄

This PDF version comes with a transparent background so you can print it on any kind of paper you want and add it to your own Book of Shadows. Find more printable grimoire pages and more Moon Journaling Ideas.

Full Harvest Moon Magic Coloring Page
Full Harvest Moon Coloring Page

What is the meaning of the Harvest Moon?

The spiritual meaning of the Harvest Full Moon is to illuminate your path, even as the days shorten towards Winter. Take advantage of it by looking deeply into yourself, as reflected by your trials and triumphs over the year so far.

Traditionally, the Harvest Moon was a time when new truths were believed to be revealed. 👁️ Be sure to not only look deep inside during this time, but to really listen. And may your path be ever illuminated by the blessings of the Moon!

When’s the next Harvest Moon?

  • Harvest Moon 2023: September 29, 2023: Full Moon in Aries.
  • Harvest Moon 2024: September 18, 2024: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aries.
  • Harvest Moon 2025: September 7, 2025: Full Moon in Pisces.
  • Harvest Moon 2026: September 26, 2026: Full Moon in Aries.

🖨️ Print a Lunar calendar here: Printable Lunar Calendar

What other names is this Full Moon called?

In the Northern Hemisphere, a Harvest Moon is the Full Moon closer to the Autumn Equinox. This is the time when crops are gathered so this Full Moon gets its name from different crops. Full Corn Moon is a popular name for September’s Moon. Barley Moon is another one of its names, as is Leaf Moon and yellow Moon. 🌕

What color is the Harvest Moon?

If you look at the Harvest Moon as it’s rising, it will look yellow in color. This is because of its location near the horizon. Earth’s atmosphere makes bluer wavelengths of light scatter away, leaving more of the longer, redder wavelengths that make it look orange/yellow.

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Harvest Moon Magick Ritual
Harvest Moon Magick Ritual


  1. What do you do with the paper you wrote on ? Keep it or burn it ?

    • Francisco Huanaco

      Hi Kira-Marie! It really depends on personal preference. While I prefer to keep the paper inside my notebook as a reminder of their intentions, others believe burning it symbolizes releasing the energy into the universe. Trust your instincts and do what feels right for you! Have a blessed Full Moon! 😊✨

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