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Earth Magick: Spiritual Growing & Elemental Grounding

Of the four elements within Wicca and much of modern witchcraft, Earth is the most stable. It is the one we can see and feel beneath our feet, always carrying us to where we need to go. This element is one that many witches feel a connection to! We find ourselves longing to be part of nature, to walk in the forest or along a deserted beach, drinking in the beauty of Earth and the world around us.

Working with Earth and Earth’s Magick can bring us stability, peace, abundance, and so much more. This grounding element, and our beautiful planet, is capable of transmuting energies and shifting our thoughts. Earth brings us a foundation to build upon, stability to make mistakes, and longevity for lasting plans.

Keep reading to learn more about working with Earth and the magick you can expect!

Earth Magick Correspondences

There are a few common associations that the Earth element is known for. Those correspondences are listed here, but this is not an exhaustive list, nor will it be accurate for everyone! Elements, and Earth in general, are much more complex than a few words on a screen. If this is your first time working with Earth energy, start with these correspondences and then let your intuition guide you further.

Direction: North

Colors: Green, black, brown, and other earthy tones

Magickal Tool: Pentacle

Zodiac: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

Ruling Planets: Saturn and Venus

Planetary times: Thursdays

Deities: Frigga, Cerridwen, Demeter, Artemis, Danu, Pan, Cernunnos

Witchcraft: Wealth, abundance, prosperity, healing, confidence, stability, and success

Light a green candle and ask for inspiration and guidance from the Goddesses of Nature and the Wild, or call upon the universal Gaia.

Green Candle of Earth
Green Candle Magick of Earth

Working with Earth Energy

If you are looking to bring more Earth energy into your life and practice, we have a few ideas here for you. Do one — or more! — of these exercises daily or weekly to help you get in touch with the stable energy of the Earth element.


The act of grounding involves transmuting our internal energy through the Earth. This allows us to release the energy that we can no longer hold, whether it is negative, chaotic, or otherwise. The Earth can then cleanse this energy and transform it back to neutrality for whatever purpose she needs.

It is best to perform grounding exercises before and after spellwork, but grounding can be done any time you feel overwhelmed with energy. It is also a good exercise to do for the connection and flow of energy between you and Earth.

Mountain Magick Spells8 Forum Witch Challenge
Land Beneath Our Feet – Witchy Challenge

Simple Grounding Exercise

  • Find a comfortable position, preferably outside.
  • Take a few minutes to get comfortable and situated.
  • Take three big, deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth, relaxing deeper and deeper with each breath.
  • Close your eyes and let your awareness shift inward. Feel your energy within.
  • Then shift your awareness outside of you. Listen to the sounds around you — are there birds? bugs? cars, planes, and the bustle of city life?
  • Become aware of the ground you sit on and the energy beneath you, even if it is far beneath you. The Earth is alive with energy!
  • Inhale deeply, and on your exhale, direct your energy downward to the Earth, into the Earth, and meeting with Earth’s energy. Spend a few moments in a cycle of energy transference — She cleanses and returns your energy to you.
  • Thank her and slowly withdraw your energy, bringing your awareness back inward. Take three deep breaths again, in through your nose and out through your mouth, and open your eyes.
Grounding Mindfulness Meditation Course Online
Grounding Mindfulness Meditation Course Online


Much like grounding, Earthing is the act of getting your skin in contact with the bare Earth. This is the more physical, modern, and mundane act of grounding. Having a physical connection with the Earth is a great way to connect with her energy. This is a great exercise in mindfulness, as well, as you walk barefoot on the ground. Pay attention to how you feel, where you place your feet, and the sensations you experience.

Protect Nature and the Earth
Protect Nature and the Earth


What better way to connect directly with the Earth element than to work within Earth’s cycles? Growing a garden gets your hands dirty with the physical Earth as well as the energies of Earth. You will learn how the Earth moves in your area, the energies in the Land around you, and get to know Earth on a personal level. Grow a garden however you can — outside, on a farm, or on a windowsill in your kitchen. Tend to the plants that grow from Earth and foster a connection with the Earth element.

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Spending time outdoors is another great way to foster a connection with the Earth element. Earth is a magickal element as well as a physical one. We can see Earth all around us, interact with Earth, and experience the Earth energies in our daily lives. Go for a walk in your neighborhood, find a hiking trail, or spend some time at a local park. Earth energy is alive and well in all of these places!

Walking Meditation Exercise
Walking Meditation Exercise


Learning about the Earth energy where you live is a good way to make the connection with Earth, but it is also a wonderful offering to Earth and our planet. There are so many things going on in the world with our planet that we could not possibly know them all.

Starting at home where you live is a great first step. Learn how your waterways are connected, where the tectonic plates meet (if they do at all!), how the land you live on was formed, and so much more. The connection with Earth magick and Earth energy will keep you rooted physically and stable in your life.

More Earth Energy

Begin connecting with the Earth energy around you! Work with Earth energy in these spells and practices — and don’t forget to give thanks!

Earth Elemental Invocation 🌎

The element Earth is conservative, practical and realistic. Working with it implies having the patience to quietly wait for the moment when things arise. Forests, jungles, beaches or deserts were not created in a day; growth requires time, consistency, and perseverance.

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Inviting Abundance Jar Spell

Create a quick and easy spell jar to invite abundance into your life. Janelle says, “I decided I would do a spell jar that I can shake if I want for a little extra oomph.

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Mother Earth Incense

The energy of this incense lends itself to a stronger connection with Mother Earth and earth-centered spirituality. It is a tool for grounding and focus in sacred circles, rituals and altars related to Mother Earth.

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