Everything Happens in Divine Timing

There are moments in everyone’s lives that seem to go against their desires, wants, and perceived needs. These times may seem unfair or uncertain and can cause an inner turmoil birthed from feeling disconnected from our free will or ability to create change within our lives. Have you ever wanted something, invested time and energy into obtaining it, but still had it fall through or fail to manifest within your life? This is something that everyone experiences and it can be frustrating.

There are also times in our lives when things seem to magickally align when we least expected them to. Maybe you crossed paths on a walk with someone from your past that you never had closure with. Maybe you were in a near-death accident and by some sacred chance you managed to avoid any consequences or injury. There is one concept that’s present within all of these experiences — divine timing.

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Working with divine timing can be fulfilling to your spiritual practice.

What is diving timing?

Divine timing refers to events happening in one’s life orchestrated by something outside of themselves. The truth is divine timing allows us to experience life in moments that we are ready for. With the belief in divine timing, we cannot experience anything beyond our ability to handle. You have free will, the ability to experience anything you want to experience in life, but you also have to allow divine timing to bring these experiences into your life. Think of a young child gaining access to a car, or fire, or given the opportunity to run a country. The timing here wouldn’t be beneficial and could be detrimental to not only the child but also the people in their life that would be affected by their choices. This is why divine timing exists, to help guide us towards the life we want to experience when it benefits us while also introducing events and experiences that are necessary for our growth.

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Can you cast spells whenever you want?

Trusting In Divine Timing

Learning to trust the process of divine timing can be challenging at first as you become comfortable with letting go of an outcome and allowing the universe to align you with the path that benefits you. Any and every desire you have, you have the ability to experience them. The only problem is many of these desires are out of alignment with where you’re at currently or out of alignment with what is beneficial for you. You can teach yourself to trust in timing by reflecting on times when life seemed to work out just the way it should for you.

Someone who struggles to find love may be steered down a path towards cultivating self-love to the point where they no longer crave a relationship as they have previously. Once they fill themselves with love, a new love interest may appear in their life which may feel like signs of divine timing. Everyone has these experiences and if you make an effort to reflect on when certain experiences happened and what had to occur within your life for them to become manifest, you can understand how divine timing is always working in your favor, only giving you experiences that you are ready for.

Self Love Spell Jar
Self Love Spell Jar

How You Affect Divine Timing

When you are struggling to find patience about a specific outcome, it’s important to look at anything you’re currently doing that may be preventing you from experiencing it. If you’re struggling to obtain anything, such as a job, for example, there may be certain choices you’re making in your current life that affect the situation’s divine timing. Divine timing can also be viewed as being an energetic match to something. For instance, if you desire a job that is high-paying, business-oriented, and out of the realm of your current career, you aren’t necessarily a match for it at that moment. The desire is there, and you have the ability to obtain it, but there needs to be an energetic exchange first that allows you to be aligned with the desire.

You can influence the situation’s divine timing by acting towards your desires. In the example of obtaining a new job, you could start by wearing the type of clothing you would need for it. Or you can start training yourself and gaining some of the experience you would learn there. Taking action in this manner helps attune you to your desire and can greatly influence the divine timing of the situation.

Signs your spell is working
Signs your spell is working

Life Lessons

Divine timing is more than just when you will experience certain desires. It’s also about you going through specific experiences that were destined for your lifetime. The divine timing of these lessons is placed throughout your life and you are naturally guided towards experiencing them through your actions and by the world around you. Each of us has a specific purpose, and our soul’s purpose is to experience each of our individual lives in order to grow and expand spiritually. When we experience hardships or find ourselves in the midst of a struggle, these are also happening in divine timing as well and are necessary for the evolution of our being.

Embrace Your Journey

Everyone’s life journey is a gift and each moment we experience adds to the culmination of our existence. Life happens as it’s predetermined and how you influence it with your free will. Allow the process of your journey to develop as it should, without resistance, and appreciate each step along the way. Understand that you have the power to experience the life you desire as long as you know that anything is possible for you. Trust in the divine timing in which your life will unfold. Divine timing helps create meaning and purpose within your life, and the divine knows exactly what you need and when you need it, even if your mind and heart would say otherwise.

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