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Demeter Devotional for Abundance

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Light an orange candle during this devotional.

Incense for Demeter:

Benzoin, Frankincense.

Offerings to Demeter:

Fresh fruit, Cereal, Sunflowers, Poppies.

Greek Goddess of agriculture, fertility and land, protector of crops.

Demeter is the goddess of agriculture. She is typically represented by an ear of wheat. The greatest gifts that Demeter gave the Athenians were the grain, which helped men and women abandon the nomadic life, and the Eleusinian mysteries, the “most famous of the secret religious rites of ancient Greece”.

Demeter was fundamental in the ancient religion of Greece. Relics of her cult, like clay votive pigs, were made as early as in the Neolithic. Her Roman equivalent was Ceres.

Invoke wealth, abundance, success and prosperity as you chant to Demeter.

Devotional text

Demeter, you turned the earth with the curved plough; you gave corn and crops to bless the land; you first gave laws; all things are your gift.

Of Demeter I must sing. Oh that my song may hymn the goddess’ praise as she deserves, a goddess who deserved high hymns of praise.

O Demeter, never may that man be my friend who is hateful to thee,

nor ever may he share party-wall with me; ill neighbours I abhor.

Sing, ye maidens, and ye mothers, say with them:

‘Demeter, greatly hail! Lady of much bounty, of many measures of corn.

Hail, goddess, and save this people in harmony and in prosperity,

and in the fields bring us all pleasant things!

Feed our kine, bring us flocks, bring us the corn-ear, bring us harvest!

And nurse peace, that he who sows may also reap.

Be gracious, O thrice-prayed for, great Queen of goddesses.


Allow me to be attentive and take every opportunity.

Give me the wisdom to make the right choices,

The strength to work every day, and the patience to never give up.

Bless me with infinite abundance, and my loved ones in this moment.

Free us from debts and burdens; touch me with your cornucopia.

Let me understand that great goals are achieved with great efforts

and that today’s sacrifice will be the basis of my great reward tomorrow.

I trust your Goddess gift to help me succeed,

To live a prosperous, abundant and happy life.

Your flowers of abundance blossom in front of me,

Opening the doors wherever I go today.


O Demeter, with the beautiful garlands in your hair,

O Demeter, with the dark robe and beautiful ankles.

Today, great opportunities are waiting for me.

For my Good and that of all Humanity.

So it is now, so mote it be.

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  1. Carrie Sawdey

    This seemed to draw me in tonight. The prayer to Demeter is spot on for me at this time.

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