Coupons for Spells8

Coupons for Spells8

Congratulations! You found the Coupons page for!

Get a 50% discount with the code: MEADMOON50

Use the coupon on a Monthly Plan or on a Yearly Plan and pay 50% forever

The first 15 days are free so you can try it out with no cost! If you forget to cancel, simply ask for a refund via our contact page.

Get a 15% discount with this Coupon: 15OFF

Just enter the code 15OFF on any membership plan in It has no expiration date and it can be used once by anyone. Click here to Join Spells8

The reason we include this coupon here and nowhere else on the website is that we want to make this an exclusive discount code for people who go through the work of finding the coupon to get this deal. Congratulations!

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