Cernunnos Prayer Wiccan

Cernunnos’ Abundance Prayer

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Light a green candle during this prayer to Cernunnos

Incense for Cernunnos:

Cedar, Musk, Pine, Sandalwood.

Offerings to Cernnunos:

Bones, Fruit, Grains, Red meat, Wine, Milk, Water, Moss, Fresh soil.

The Celtic Forest God, Cernunnos, gets his name from a Latin word which means “the horned one”. His original name was lost but the name Cernunnos was inscribed in the Pilier des Nautes, a Gaelic-Roman monument found under the Notre Dame cathedral, in Paris, France in 1711.

As a Horned God, he can take the place of consort of the Goddess in the Wiccan Pantheon (God and Goddess). And as a primordial deity in Neopagan traditions, his male principality makes him often be merged with other gods such as Pan and the Green Man.

He is believed to be the god of abundance and ruler of wild animals. His nature is essentially earthly. He is usually depicted with the ears and horns of a deer and wearing a “torque”, the sacred neck ornament of Celtic gods and heroes.

Devotional text

Cernunnos, Guardian of the cauldron of plenty, I call to You.
Horned One, Dark One, Receiver of the Dead, Granter of Rest, I call to You.
God of freedom, God of sexuality, God of cleansing, God of rebirth, I call to You. 
Mighty Lord of the Woods and Animals, Hunter and Hunted, I call to You.

I pray you to be present with me in this Sacred Space.
Let Your gaze fall upon this Sacred Ground.
In-dwell my rite and give me Your blessing. 
Great Horned One, come into the Circle!

Pour over me the gift of your wealth, and place in my hands the spirit of fortune.
Let the gold and silver come from the four corners of the world and bless me.

Because you are a god that creates and multiplies,
From the top of my head to the soles of my feet, 
Surround me with a stream of wealth.
Unleash your prosperity and let health and protection accompany me.

I hear your words, Cernunnos, the voice of the Horned One,  Whose names are uncountable:
You are the wild hunter of the forest deep,
You are the fire upon the hill, And the sower of the seed, 

The wilderness is your shrine. 
You wield the oaken staff, the elements at your call. 
By day you are the sun, by night you ride upon the wild winds
For all things wild and free are in your keeping. 

And all things of beauty and freedom and love delight you.
You are the Ancient One. Your faces outnumber the stars.
I am the Horned One of uncountable names, you are the gentle and the fierce
You are Cernunnos, the Ancient One, Lord and Sire of the Universe.

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