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What Are Some Good Witchy Apps? 16 Best Apps for Beginners

If you just started walking a personal path, it can be difficult to find good witchy apps to help you keep it steady and sacred. Books and personal practice will help you a lot in becoming a witch, but these apps are super useful as a daily reminder of our spiritual progress. Check them out:

Best Witchy Apps
Best Witchy Apps
  1. Spells8: Besides being an online coven, Spells8 can help you organize your Craft. You’ll get a simple daily ritual and a lunar spell so you’ll have a spell to cast every day. Get it for Android and iPhone.
  2. Red Candle (Android): This app is very nice because one does not need to purchase a candle for performing rituals of candle magic.
  3. Phases of the Moon Calendar (Android), My Moon Phase Pro (Android) and The Moon Calendar app (iPhone): All these apps give you accurate readings for different moon phases.
  4. The Five Minute Journaling App is a very helpful app for Journaling. If you are travelling, then you just need your phone instead of having to pack your Book of Mirrors.
  5. Stone (iPhone) lists and describes many crystals and their spiritual and healing powers.
  6. Co-Star Astrology app for Hyper-Personalized, Real-Time Horoscopes which is one of my favourite apps.
  7. Awoken is nice app that will help you in the path to successfully lucid dreaming.
  8. SkyView is for those who love to watch the night sky (Android and iPhone)
  9. The Seek app to identify animals and insects, PlantSnap is for identifying plants and herbs.
  10. Our members suggested many useful apps at our discussion thread, including Saged , Moonly , Golden Thread Tarot , Amino/Pagans & Witches , Tarot Cards & Numerology Guide , A Guide To Crystals-The CC 10 (Android) , Chakra Meditation Balancing , Meditation Relax Club , BetterMe: Meditation & Sleep , iHerb 
  11. The Sigil Suite is a powerful tool to create sigils.

We discuss how these apps can be helpful for “Baby Witches” or beginner Witches, as well as Wiccans and pagans in general. If you want to read more in detail or join the discussion, follow this link: “Good Witchy Apps”

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