7 day Green Candle Money Spell

7-Day Money Visualization Spell with a Green Candle

This is a simple but powerful money spell that requires your power of visualization. If you can focus on what you want to attract through the duration of this ritual, wealth and abundance will come to your life no matter what your situation is. 💰✨

7-Day Money Visualization Spell with a Green Candle

Recipe by Francisco HuanacoDifficulty: Easy

This easy 7-Day Candle Spell for Money is Wiccan-safe (harms no one!) and is a great way to attract prosperity with almost no ingredients.


  • 1 green candle

  • Paper

  • Pen

  • Dish or candle holder

How to cast the spell

  • Before starting, draw a money symbol on the paper, for example: ($) or (£) or (€) depending on your currency. Decorate it however you like. Spend a few minutes doing this so it will help you get into a state of focus and relaxation.
  • On the same paper, write down the amount of money you need. Make it a realistic number. Imagine the money in your hands or in your bank account.
  • Place the candle on a dish or candle holder and the paper underneath. Light the candle.
  • Take a deep breath, and for the next 15 minutes, visualize the money coming to you. If you don’t know how it will come to you, relax, clear your head and don’t think about it. It will come to you.
  • Meditate on this as the candle burns. The wax should drip down and cover part of the paper. If your candle isn’t dripping, angle the candle slightly, keeping your hand out of the path of the wet wax.
  • Once the paper is covered by a bit of wax, snuff out the candle with a spoon or a candle snuffer.
  • Repeat this ritual for seven days, lighting the same candle at the same time every day. On the last day, use the candle flame to burn the paper and let the candle extinguish itself.


  • 🖨️ Scroll down to find a printable spell recipe.

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7 day Green Candle Money Spell

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Print it: 7-Day Money Visualization Spell

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  1. Avatar

    The same paper should be used every day or should we use another paper everytime we do this?

    • Francisco Huanaco
      Francisco Huanaco

      Use the same paper and the same candle for the duration of the novena (7 days) and on the last day, burn the paper and let the candle extinguish itself. Blessings! ✨

  2. Avatar

    Should i have to write again on the paper..every day until the 7th day??

    • Francisco Huanaco
      Francisco Huanaco

      No, it’s not necessary. You can use the same paper every day until the last day and then you burn it.

      Good luck and blessings!

  3. Avatar

    What must I do with the ash of that paper?

    • Francisco Huanaco
      Francisco Huanaco

      Good question! The dispose of the ashes you have a few options such as blowing it out in the wind or flush it down the drain. But being a money spell, the best idea would be to bury them in fresh soil (symbolism of growth).

      Good luck and blessings! 🙏

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