13 Witchy Names for Your Baby!

As magical people, many of us believe that a name holds power. Names are often one of the first things that we know about another person and can leave an impression, whether for good or for bad. If you decide to have children, you may want to choose a magickal name for your equally magickal offspring — that’s wonderful!

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Everyone deserves a magickal name!

Choosing a name for your child should be done with care and intuition. You may want to take inspiration from nature, the Gods, animals, and cultures around the world. By selecting a name that gives your child a magickal connection, you instill more meaning into the name that you give to your child.

Have a Naming Ceremony

You can mark the naming of your child with a special ceremony or ritual as you present your child to your Gods or the Universe. Marking this occasion in a ritualistic manner shows respect for both your child and the deities you work with. It is also an opportune time to present your child to the deity or entity you work with and ask for their blessing and protection over your child.

This can be done at the family altar, if you have one, or in whichever place you make sacred. It is common during a naming ceremony to present the baby to the Gods the family works with, the house guardian spirits, as well as the family’s friends, loved ones, and expanded family. This can be as intimate, elaborate, or simple as you would like!

Choose a Magickal Name

If you need some inspiration for your magickal child, choose a name from the list below! Each name is accompanied by a meaning, culture, and spelling. It is very common to see pagan-inspired baby names with Celtic roots or Celtic inspiration. This is possibly because most of modern Paganism is inspired by ancient Celtic practices. Many of these names can be masculine, feminine, or gender neutral. They may even be adapted or adjusted to suit your personal spelling preferences, though some words are literal translations of other words in a different language.

13 Magickal Baby Names


To many pagans, an aspen tree is considered a tree of heroes. It is an important tree in many cultures around the world. In some Celtic practices, the Aspen tree is associated with strength, courage, and protection. It was thought that the wood from the Aspen tree could shield a person from physical and psychic harm.


In Latin, aura means breeze, wind, and the upper air. It is a word that denotes gentleness, kindness, and radiance. In modern use, the word aura relates to an energy that emanates around living beings and objects. Instill an energy of gentleness into your child with a name like Aura.


In Welsh, Brynn literally translates to hill or small hill. Among English-speaking countries, Brynn tends to be a fairly popular name suitable for both sexes. If you are looking for a Welsh name that is popular, simple, and modern then Brynn might be for you!

Rhiannon The Goddess
Rhiannon The Goddess


This name is inspired from the beautiful stone with the same name. In crystal practices, Jade is believed to bring about good luck and prosperity to those that work with it. The lush and vibrant green color of the stone is a reminder of the abundance we all seek in our daily lives.


I’m sure many of you are familiar with the word Luna. In Latin, the word Luna means the moon. What better name for a budding witchling to have than one that connects them to one of witchcraft’s important celestial bodies? The phases of the moon are often one of the first things a witch learns about. It might be the perfect fit for your young witch!


It should come as no surprise that there is another tree name on this list. Trees are sacred in many cultures and the Willow, just like Aspen, is no different. The Willow tree is one that symbolizes renewal, immortality, and vigor. Anywhere a breeze blows through a willow tree, those around it are reminded of the strength of this tree.


As a name, Meadow elicits the feelings of peace and tranquility. To lay in a meadow of flowers on a bright sunny day is to enjoy the goodness and abundance that nature has to offer. The name Meadow will fit any child filled with the radiance of the sun and the sweetness of beautiful flowers.

Cernunnos Prayer Wiccan
Cernunnos Prayer Wiccan


This name has Greek origins! In Greek, Ophelia means to help or helper. Ophelia is also the name of the love interest in Shakespeare’s famous play, Hamlet. If you would like to instill the characteristics of generosity and charity in your child, Ophelia would be a good choice.


This is the last tree name on this list, I promise! Rowan trees are hardy trees that can grow in many places, including out of the side of rocky cliffs! In Norse mythology, it is believed that a rowan tree saved Thor’s life when he was almost swept away by a river in the Underworld. Your child may do well with the name of Rowan if you are looking for a strong, protective, and woodland name.


A beautiful flower, Lavender is a soft purple color with a calming scent. Lavender is used in witchcraft and spells all the time, usually for its anti-anxiety and calming affect. Instill your child with peace and calmness by choosing the name Lavender for their journey in this world.


If you like the connection to the moon but don’t enjoy the name Luna, Selene might be a good option. Selene is the name of the Greek moon goddess, daughter of Hyperion and Theia. Selene is also where we get the name for the crystal Selenite, instilling even more cleansing and moon-like qualities with this name.

How to choose witch name
How to Choose a Magickal Name


As a Scandinavian name, Emrik means King or Ruler. It is a variation of the German name Emmerich of the same meaning. Instill your child with the qualities of leadership, royalty, and nobility by choosing a name that literally means King!


No, not the Atlas that was forced to carry the celestial bodies on his back. This name is inspired by the son of Poseidon, Atlas. According to Plato, Atlas was King of Atlantis — son of Poseidon and Kleito, Princess of Atlantis. A name worthy of a demi-God, Atlas is sure to serve your child well!

Whether you choose a name from above or come up with your own, it is no secret that naming a child is only one thing you can do to instill them with the wisdom of witches past. There are many other beautiful names to consider, many more than could possibly be listed here. Whatever you choose, let your intuition guide you to the name that will suit your child best!

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