What to do on the Flower Moon?

10 Things to do on the Flower Moon for Good Luck

The Flower Moon will be at its peak on May 23rd, 2024 and will bring a time of blooming flowers, vibrant energy, and new beginnings. The spiritual significance of the Full Moon of May brings opportunities for growth, renewal, and good fortune. Here are some practices to embrace during the Flower Moon to invite good luck and harness its spiritual energy.

Spiritual Meaning of the Flower Moon 2024

Spiritual Meaning of the Flower Moon

The Flower Moon of May 2024 holds a special energy due to its alignment with the optimistic fire sign Sagittarius. ♐️ This full moon is a time for spiritual growth and renewal, mirroring the vibrant blossoming of nature. It encourages us to embrace new beginnings, cultivate creativity, and appreciate the abundance around us.

Sagittarius’ influence adds a layer of optimism and a yearning for adventure. This Flower Moon is a powerful invitation to push past limitations, rediscover joy in the present, and chase after our dreams with renewed faith.

What to do on this Full Moon of May 🌸

Here are some practices to embrace during the Flower Moon to invite good luck and harness its spiritual energy.

1. Flower Moon Meditation

Set aside time for a meditation session under the Flower Moon. Find a quiet spot outside or near a window where you can see the moon. Close your eyes, take deep breaths, and visualize the moon’s light enveloping you in a gentle glow. Focus on your intentions and let the moon’s energy fill you with positivity and clarity.

Flower Moon Meditation
Flower Moon Spell and Meditation

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2. Create a Flower Moon Altar

Set up an altar dedicated to the Flower Moon. Use fresh flowers, crystals, and candles. Flowers like daisies, lilies, and roses are perfect for this purpose. Add symbols like the Flower of Life and offerings of Moon herbs. Crystals like rose quartz, amethyst, and moonstone to enhance the altar’s energy. Light the candles and spend time each night (the Full Moon lasts for about three nights) focusing on your intentions for growth and good luck.

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Selene Moon altar by starborn

3. Perform a Cleansing Ritual

Cleansing rituals are powerful during the Flower Moon. For example, cast a powerful Uncrossing spell to get rid of negativity, or simply burn rosemary to attract good luck. As you move through your home, visualize the incense smoke purifying each room, bringing in positive vibrations and removing any lingering negativity.

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4. Write a Manifestation Journal

Take advantage of the Flower Moon’s energy by writing in a manifestation journal. Write down your goals, dreams, and desires. Be specific about what you want to achieve and how you envision your future. Get inspired to start your own Book of Mirrors. The act of writing helps solidify your intentions and aligns your energy with your goals. Consecrate your tools or start your Book of Shadows on the night of the Flower Moon!

Book of Shadows PDF
🖨️ Book of Shadows PDF

5. Engage in Creative Activities

The Flower Moon is an excellent time for creativity. Engage in activities like painting, writing, gardening, or crafting. These activities help you connect with your inner self and express your emotions, allowing you to tap into the Flower Moon’s energy of growth and renewal. Explore specific ways to enhance your creativity such as Using Tarot to Find Motivation, or get inspiration from this Weekly Challenge: Art Magick, or discover Creative Uses for Old Herbs and Spices.

6. Plant a Moon Garden

Start a moon garden with flowers that bloom at night or have white petals to reflect the moonlight. Flowers like jasmine, moonflowers, and evening primrose are perfect choices. Planting a moon garden not only beautifies your space but also connects you with the natural cycles of growth and renewal.

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Ostara's Herbal Garden
Ostara’s herbal garden

7. Take a Moonlit Walk

Walking under the Flower Moon’s light can be a deeply spiritual experience. Take a leisurely walk in a safe, serene place. As you walk, absorb the moon’s energy and reflect on your journey, your dreams, and the changes you wish to see in your life.

8. Conduct a Tarot or Oracle Card Reading

Use a Tarot deck or oracle cards to gain insights during the Flower Moon. Perform a reading focusing on your current situation and what you need to do to invite good luck and positive change into your life. The cards can offer guidance and clarity, helping you navigate your path.

Tarot Spreads Rituals
Tarot Spreads and Rituals

9. Host a Flower Moon Gathering

Gather with friends or family to celebrate the Flower Moon. Share a meal, exchange stories, and perform group rituals. Creating a supportive community, or even a coven, amplifies the energy of your intentions and brings collective positivity and good fortune.

10. Offer a Flower Moon Blessing

Bless your home, garden, or workspace with the energy of the Flower Moon. Sprinkle flower petals around your space and say a blessing or affirmation for growth, luck, and prosperity. This simple act can infuse your environment with positive energy.

Full Flower Moon illustration

The Flower Moon of 2024 is a powerful time for spiritual growth and attracting good luck. By embracing these practices, you can harness the moon’s energy to bring positive changes into your life. Celebrate this magical time with intention and an open heart, and let the Flower Moon guide you on your journey to good fortune and renewal.

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